Screenshot of Terranigma Gameplay

Terranigma For Android

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Terranigma is a retro SNES (Super Nintendo) role-playing game that was released back in 1995. It’s gameplay is very similar to Zelda in the sense that it uses an action-based real-time system for combat. You are able to run, jump, attack, or even use a combination of the three. There are various types of attacks which are more effective depending on the enemy you are fighting against.

In Terranigma, your character gains valuable attributes after each enemy has been slain. The attributes effected are your maximum hitpoints, strength, defence, as well as luck. Enemies will also occasionally drop gems which can be picked up to purchase weapons, armor, in addition to healing items and spelled. Magic spells are casted by using magic rings and summon medals which can only be used once. These are created by finding Magirocks and getting them transformed in the magic shop. Since items are used to cast magic spells, there was no need for magic gauges to be implemented into the game. However, there are various types of magic that gets added to the game after killing bosses and completing tasks.