Screenshot of Super Mario World Map

Super Mario World For Android

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Super Mario World also called Super Mario Bros 4 is a video game created by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system. It is the fifth game in this series. The plot involves the three Mario brothers taking a vacation in a place known as Dinosaur Land. There are numerous kinds of dinosaurs here. While enjoying the beach, Princess Toadstool vanishes. Mario and Luigi attempt to find her and spot a giant egg while searching in the forest. Suddenly hatching, a young dinosaur called Yoshi is born from this egg. He tells the brothers that his dinosaur friends are being held in eggs by the evil Koopas.

The player moves through the game on two screens. There is an over world and a side scrolling play field. An overhead presentation of the current world is shown on the over world map. The player can spot numerous paths going form the entrance of the world and leading to a castle. Other connections are to fortresses, action panels, ghost houses and more. These options allow the players to take different ways in getting to the world’s goal. Moving an on-screen character to a fortress or action panel grants access to the level’s playing field. Most of the game is played in these levels. The player will battle enemies and obstacles by running, jumping, dodging and defeating the enemies.

At the end of each world, there’s a boss that must be defeated. They also feature fortresses that are controlled by one of the Koopalings. At the end of the seventh and last world, the player must battle and defeat Bowser. There are new special items and power-ups introduced in addition to the ones from previous games. There’s a new suit in this game called the Cape Feather. It provides Mario with a cape that will let him fly.

For those huge fans of the Mario series, this is a must get game.