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Super Mario All Stars For Android

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Super Mario All-Stars is a group of video games featuring the Super Mario Brothers characters and was introduced for use with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The collection contains Super Mario Bros, 2, 3, and The Lost Levels. All of these games have been enhanced specifically for this collection.

The gameplay for each of the games in this compilation is practically the same to the original versions. There are some slight modifications of game physics, characters and level designs that you will notice, however, as well as some previous “bugs” that have been repaired. Each of these games feature 16 bit graphics that have been enhanced as well as updated soundtracks. These allow you to take advantage of the Super NES hardware such as parallax scrolling. All of the games provide a save feature, which is something new as the original games did not offer this. This feature allows players to save the progress that they have made within the game and start from the same place as they stopped when they resume the game. As many as four individual save files can be stored per game. In addition, the player is now allowed to perform customized control arrangements such as “dash” and “jump.” These actions can be attached to different Super NES controller buttons.

With this compilation, all of the games are handy and ready to play in one place. You can easily store this one game rather than having to manage four separate ones. This is the perfect game for all fans of Super Mario Brothers to own and play. Obviously, you can hold onto your other separate versions of the game for sentimental or collector reasons, but this compilation will be a much needed and very exciting addition to your game collection. You may also find it convenient to use the download for Android. Then your favorite games can travel with you.