Screenshot of Super Bomberman Gameplay

Super Bomberman For Android

Download Super Bomberman for your Android Phones and Tablets for free – Super Bomberman has the distinction of being the first of the Bomberman series released for the Super NES gaming console. It is also available as a download for Android, which makes it possible to play it anywhere you may happen to be.

Basically, the playing method of Super Bomberman is rather simple. Play happens on a single non-scrolling screen. You will see a top down view of a grid consisting of 143 squares. This grid monitors the characters’ movements which are restricted to moving only vertically or horizontally around the screen. Press the A button when you’re ready for your Bomberman to drop a bomb at his feet. After pulsing for a few seconds to give you time to escape, the bomb will explode by shooting flames vertically and horizontally on the screen. These bomb blasts are used to take down enemies and walls.

When a bomb explodes, causing the flame to hit another bomb, the second bomb will detonate early. This causes impressive chain reactions. Plus, a flame hitting a character will cause injury or death to that character. The only exception is if the character is invincible at the time of the strike.

Most levels begin with a partially filled grid surrounded by weak, destructible walls. A bomb blast hitting one of the weak walls will cause it to disintegrate. This lets the characters walk through the empty space that is left. Although levels can be cleared pretty quickly of these walls, it is typically better to let some of them remain as it helps to catch enemies.

Once is bomb drops, you usually cannot get past until it has detonated. This helps to trap enemies using the bombs by forcing them into the flames from the bombs. On the other hand, it can end with the defeat of the players.

You can collect special items by walking over icons on the screen. Normally, these items are revealed when walls or enemies are destroyed. Many various items are available to give you numerous abilities which can change the tactics of the player as well as the method of play.