Screenshot of Sunset Riders Gameplay

Sunset Riders For Android

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Sunset Riders is a side-scrolling run and shoot game first launched as a coin-operated game. Later, it was released to the Sega Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo Entertainment system. The game is set in a fantasy version of the Old West in America and is centered on four bounty hunters who are attempting to eliminate some of the West’s most wanted outlaws. The more they can eliminate the more rewards they can claim. Each stage begins with the showing of a wanted poster with information regarding the wanted criminal, the amount of the reward for stopping them, and the phrase “Wanted: Dead or Alive.”

The player chooses one of the four bounty hunters as well as a type of firearm. The two player version allows each player to choose which character they want to control prior to beginning the game. The four player version allows each set of controls to be assigned to one particular character. Controls for the game is an eight way joystick that moves the character as well as initiate jumping and shooting. The gun for the player has limitless ammunition. The player is able to jump, shoot ahead, shoot up, and slide. On higher levels, the player can shoot down both vertically and diagonally while in a crouching position.

The game contains three types of hidden items. When a player dies, all of the gun power ups are lost. There are eight levels in all for the player to make it through. When the boss is conquered by two or more players, the player doing the most damage to the enemy is presented with the reward. In addition, you will find a bonus round following Stage 2 and another one appearing at the end of Stage 5.

Sunset Riders for Android allows you to enjoy this game without having to own an original SNES.