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Star fox For Android

You can download your free APK copy of Star Fox for Android at the link above. To installed this game on your android Tablet or Smartphone, simply download and run this file from your device and it will be installed as a stand-alone app. No emulator or roms necessary as they’re both already compiled with the app.

​Star Fox is a rail shooter game developed jointly by Nintendo EAD and Argonaut software and released by Nintendo in the year 1993. The game had a phenomenal reception and was praised by both gamers and the critics. This was Ninendo’s first game to use polygon 3D graphics and the first game to use a SuperFX chip and a co processor to accelerate the graphics display. 

​Star Fox is set in the Laylat system- a universe made of anthropomorphic animals, where the protagonist Fox McCloud and his Star Fox team must defend their planet Corneria from malicious forces of Andross.
​After being banished from planet Corneri, Andross -a mad scientist- has set up base in Venom- the evil plane in Laylat system. He has declared a war on the Cornerians and vows to destroy the entire planet with the help of his army. General Pepper, the commanding officer of Corneria has decided to counteract Andross’ antics by utilizing the experimental prototype high performance aircraft called “Arwing”. However, due to the lack of time and resources in training special pilots to pilot the ship, he summons Fox McCloud and his Star Fox team to defeat Andross’ army.


​The player is to control Fox McCloud’s aircraft to defeat the army of incoming mercenaries, and at the end of each level face a boss and defeat him as well. The rest of the Star Fox team, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, and Slippy Toad are compute controlled trusty wingmen and provide air support to their leader Fox McCloud.

​The player can chose between 3 levels- easy, medium and difficult at the beginning of each level.

​The boss at the end of each level has to be faced by Fox McCloud alone, and the wingmen do not join him regardless of their health status. If a wingman is taken down a any point in the game he will not return to the subsequent levels.

​Fox McCloud can choose to assist his wingmen when asked for help; this will increase the overall score and will help maintain the health of his wingmen. Although the teammates cannot be injured by McCloud’s lasers, they will complain if hit.

​Over all, Star Fox is a great game to play, and it still offers a good challenge to any serious games, especially in the difficult mode. So, with Star Fox now available on the Android platform, it is time to relive those days in the 90’s and let nostalgia over take your senses.