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Secret Of Mana For Android

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Secret Of Mana is a role playing game developed for the Super Nintendo gaming console. It is played from a top-down display where three characters roam through the realm and battle hostile creatures. These characters are the hero, the girl and the sprite. Each of these characters have different strengths and weaknesses. The hero can’t use magic but is a superior fighter and is faster at mastering weapons. The girl is the healer and can cast spells to restore and support. The sprite has magic that is completely offensive but he’s the weakest physically. To reach higher levels and gain improved strengths, players must collect experience points through battling.

The characters can take refuge in a town and regain hit points or buy new items and equipment. To perform such things as casting spells, changing equipment or checking the status, it is necessary to cycle through the Ring Commands of the game. This is a round menu that hovers above the party member currently being controlled. Whenever the Ring Commands appear, the game is temporarily paused.

The beginning of the game has the players traveling through an enemy riddled countryside on the way to their next destination. Travel can be assisted by using Cannon Travel Centers where non-player characters will launch the trio to distant locations by using a giant cannon. Later, Flammie, a miniature dragon can fly them over the world.

Battles happen in real time. Each character’s hit points appear at the bottom of the screen along with a gauge that shows how much damage an enemy has taken during an attack. The gauge will empty when a weapon swings and the rapidly recharge which lets the character attack with full strength. There are eight different types of weapons used through the game. These are the spear, axe, sword, bow, glove, javelin, whip and boomerang. All of them can be upgraded eight times during the game.

This game is available for download on mobile phones or tablets so that you can play it anywhere you want as long as they are android devices.