Screenshot of Megaman X2 Gameplay

Mega Man X2 For Android

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Mega Man X2 is a video game created for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the sequel to Mega Man X released previously. The game is set at some point in the near future where humans are attempting to peacefully live with intelligent robots known as Reploids. Some of these Reploids are becoming Mavericks by threatening the humans. A Maverick Hunter by the name of X saved humans from the evil Sigma six months previously. A trio of Mavericks called X-Hunters have formed and are determined to destroy X.

Played in the same way as the initial version, it is action packed with the player taking on the role as X. The goal is to travel through and clear a series of eight side scrolling phases in whatever order the player chooses. X’s initial abilities include jumping, running, dashing on the ground, climbing walls and firing his X-Buster arm cannon. The player must battle numerous bad robots and other hazards such as deadly spikes, rising lava and bottomless pits. In addition, the player can collect extra lives and helpful items along the way. Each phase presents a main boss at the end which the player must defeat, making strategy quite important to winning.

This second version of the game features many extra elements for gameplay. Sometimes, the player can operate vehicles including an attack hovercycle and an attack mech. Each of the eight phases has an optional battle with one of the three X-Hunters. If one is chosen and defeated, the player is rewarded with a piece of Zero. Players can also find and keep many hidden power-ups. When specified conditions are met, a special capsule is revealed in one of the final phases of the game. This lets X deliver a one-shot kill attack.

If you find yourself to be addicted to this game, you can easily download and install it for Android devices. Then you can play it no matter where you might be.