Screenshot of GTA 3 Police Chase

Grand Theft Auto 3 For Android

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Grand Theft Auto 3 is a first-person shooter driving game that was released in October 2001. It It became such a big hit that it ended up becoming the best-selling game of 2001, ultimately beginning it’s mainstream success for the series. It was also the second best-seller of 2002.

Although very popular and entertaining, the game is known for being very controversial due to it’s violence and sexual gameplay. Some examples of this would be ability to steal cars, kill police officers, run people over, pick up prostitutes, and much more.

While in Liberty City, characters have the ability to walk, run, or drive. Use a variety of weapons ranging from hand-to-hand combat all the way up to grenades and rocket launchers. There are also numerous vehicles which can be drove, including watercrafts and aircrafts.

Criminal activities like stealing cars and murder will cause police to chase you. This gets progressively harder to deal with depending on the amount of mayhem you are causing, which can eventually cause the army and FBI to be chasing after you. If caught or killed, you will either end up in the hospital, or police station and have to start your mission over. This will cause all of your weapons to be lost, as well as a decent in cash which is due to hospital bills and bribes.