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Earthbound For Android

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Earthbound for Android is a game the was originally created for the SNES (Super Nintendo) in 1994. It’s a role-playing game which didn’t have that great of sales, but still became a cult classic due humorous view on american culture. Even the weapon selection is very humorous considering baseball bats, yo-yos, and frying pans are the typical weapons. Only one of the characters can use a sword.

Earthbound is very similar to typical role-playing games. There are many villages, cities, caves, and dungeons to explore while using a group of party members. Along the way you will run into numerous enemies to fight which will render experience. These experience points will factor into your character level which will enhance character attributes. The attributes effected are offense, defense, Maximum HP, and PP.

EarthBound is unlike other games as it does not use random encounters. Instead, a battle is triggered by running into enemies. During battles, there are many types of actions you can take against your enemies and allies. For example, you could attack, heal, spy, mirror, or run away. Running can be useful if you’re worried about your characters not winning a battle, but it’s also beneficial when you’re trying to hurry through a part of the game. Spying reveals enemy weaknesses and strengths, which can help in doing more damage and protecting your characters from taking too much damage. Mirror allows you to emulate a specific enemy. While in battle, characters also use PSI attacks which require psychic points (PP).

Characters lose their HP when hit during battle. However, once a character loses all their HP they will become unconscious. If all party members become unconscious, you will be required to start over at the last save point with half the money you had.