Screenshot of Duck Hunt For Android

Duck Hunt For Android

Download Duck Hunt for Android Free – Get this original NES game on your mobile phone or tablet for free. Get started by clicking the download link above.

Duck Hunt is a hunting shooting game originally from the NES where the you shoot moving targets (typically ducks). It’s original release on NES required that the player use a NES Zapper Gun which is basically a gun-shaped controller. Gameplay would involve pointing the gun at the screen and aiming at the ducks and then pressing the trigger, sort of like how a Wii would work. In the Android version of this game, you simply need to hit the duck with your fingers.

This game is a bit more difficult to play than it sounds though, considering the targets are moving and you only have 3 bullets. The rounds also progressively get harder as you advance through levels. The targets get faster and you have less chances when your target gets away. You will lose the game if you don’t shoot the minimum amount of targets.

Duck Hunt has multiple game styles, which will be listed as “Game A”, “Game B”, and “Game C” when you first start the game. “Game A” is the basic version where you are only dealing with one duck. “Game B” is when you are matched up against two ducks simultaneously. “Game C” is where you have to shoot at two clay dishes simultaneously. These game types do not have to be unlocked or anything. All you need to do is choose from the start menu. The game ends once you reach level 99, however there is apparently a level 0 that you get sent to which causes the game to work erratically.

Not only does Duck Hunt for Android bring back old memories, but having the ability to play this classic game on our touch screen phones and tablets make it a very entertaining for toddlers. I would highly recommend downloading this game if you have any younger children in your home.