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Contra 3 For Android

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Released in Japan in the year 1992, Contra 3 was a very popular video game among the teenagers until early 2000. The game is set much ahead of time that is in the year 2036, when the aliens from the planets launch their attack on Earth after being defeated in the previous versions of the Contra. In the previous versions of the contra the Heroes were Lance and Bill. In Contra 3, their names were changed to Sully and Jimbo

The Game design

With the help of the technology offered by Super NES, Contra 3 is a graphically advanced game, compared to its predecessors; Contra 1 and Contra 2. The designs of the various levels of the game are more complicated and the players have more options to interact. For example, the players will be able to climb up the ladders and walls, destroy the structures and buildings can also damage seize tanks.
In Contra 3, sequences like riding missiles, chasing on motor bikes have been incorporated. The players in Contra 3 will be able to carry 2 weapons at the same time. Contra 3 has given the players to use the two weapons at the same time. Fires in circular formation will be emitted from the weapons which would engulf the enemies from all the four sides. It is needed to be remembered, that if any of the players get hit while using their weapons, they will end up losing both the weapons. The players can make their game character shoot in every possible direction by locking mobility. It can shoot at various different angles.The game comes with three difficulty levels. They are:

Easy Level

Norm Level, and

Hard Level

As the players keeps on increasing the difficulty level, new features keeps on adding to the game. For example, flying on missiles would be very easy in the “Easy Level”, however, as the players keep on increasing the level of difficulty riding on missiles will be much difficult as the missile speed would increase considerably. Having completed the Easy and Normal levels successfully, the player will be able to start the difficulty level with all his scores and weapons and lives available to him. Contra 3 for android comes with the same features; however, the graphics are much more improved. The players will have access to all the features along with the 3 different difficulty levels. This game is available in numerous Android based mobile phones.