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Chrono Trigger For Android

Download Chrono Trigger for Android Free – You can now get this retro SNES game on your mobile phone or tablet for free. Get started by clicking the download link above.

Chrono Trigger is a retro role-playing game from the old SNES (Super Nintendo) consoles. It is different than other RPGs due to it’s openly visible enemies instead of the more common “random encounters” that you would typically see in a lot of RPGs. The game has many different locations like cities and forests, and you can interact with NPCs in the local shops. It’s gameplay consists of many puzzles, challenges. and enemy encounters.

When characters encounter enemies, they begin a battle where both physical and magical attacks can be used to damage their opponents. Health is measured in hitpoints, and will cause the character to pass out once depleted. If all character pass out, you will be reverted back to the nearest checkpoint to start over. There are many ways of preventing this from happening though. Players can be healed and protected with certain magic spells and potions. Weapons and armor can also be equipped for protection, but not while in battle.

The battle system also has something called “Techs”. Players have a magic gauge for using techs and magic spells which work similarly to hitpoints in how they can deplete. There are numerous techs and they can also be combined to make double or even triple techs which make them stronger. Some examples of these would be the sword-spinning Tech, Lucca’s Flame Toss, Flame Whirl, and much more.

Chrono Trigger is also very similar to the Zelda series in the sense that it also has time traveling. Throughout the storyline, you travel through history making allies as well as enemies. There are also over a dozen endings which are all based on how you play, which makes downloading Chrono Trigger for Android a really good idea anybody who was a fan of the original SNES game.